France is AI Conference 2018

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Yves Raimond

Time, context and causality in recommender systems

Florence d'Alche Buc

Structured ouput learning with abstention

Laurent Ach

How a large company thinks about reinventing itself with AI

Julie Grollier

Nano neurons and synapses for future AI

Luc Julia

Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

When : October 17th & 18th

This third edition brings together Researchers, Entrepreneurs, VCs and Executives to celebrate the French AI ecosystem.

Challenges are in front of us : technology, business, societal impact – and network !


DAY 1 – October 17th 2018 : Technology and Science – Audience: Developers and Researchers

Keynotes and panels from top AI researchers on Machine Learning, Deep Learning et Reinforcement Learning – and talks from Heads of AI Labs at large corporations incl. Twitter, Huawei, Criteo, Rakuten, Netflix, Facebook, Google, …


DAY 2 – October 18th 2018 : Applications and Society – Audience: Executives, VCs, public officials, AI “curious”…


– The European ecosystem: presentation + discussion

– Discussion on French AI strategy

– Regional initiatives: panel to discuss how regions embrace AI

– China is AI: perspective on the booming Chinese AI ecosystem

– Teaching AI – continuous education: how to empower engineers to upskill w/ AI

– Teaching AI at a young age: case study w/ Magic Makers

AI rethinking industry

– Future Investment Trends and opportunities in AI – VC perspectives

– How a large company is reinventing itself w/ AI? Keynote

– AI rethinking healthcare: panel

– How a large company is reinventing itself w/ AI? Keynote

– AI rethinking transportation: panel

– Cybersecurity: an increasing risk. is AI the solution? panel

– Manufacturing 3.0: the rise of the robot-worker?

AI and Society: impact risks and opportunities

– AI: how our legal framework needs to evolve? panel

– Decision algorithms: the risk of bias for automated decision systems? panel

– Data monopolies: how do we ensure open access to data? panel

– Societal impact: The disappearance of jobs?



Where : STATION F, Paris (France)

Discover our 50+ Speakers


Samsung Electronics – Vice President of Innovation

Yoshua Bengio

Head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA)

Emmanuel Bacry

École Polytechnique – Head of the Data Science and Big Data initiative

Jérôme Pesenti

Facebook – VP of AI

David Giblas

Malakoff Médéric – Chief Innovation, Digital & Data Officer

Laurent Ach

Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris – Manager

Laurence Lafont

Microsoft – General Manager Marketing & Operations

Anne Bioulac

Roland Berger – Co-Managing Partner

Nicolas Dufourcq


Bernard Ourghanlian

Microsoft France – CTO & CSO

Veronique Ventos

Univ Paris Saclay – Researcher ML team

Lenka Zdeborova

CNRS – Researcher

Antoine Bordes

Facebook AI Research Paris – Director

Pierre Sermanet

Google Brain – Research Scientist at Google Brain in deep learning, vision and robotics

Pascal Picq


Yves Raimond

Netflix – Director – Machine Learning

Nicolas Brien

France Digitale – Executive Director

Nicolas Vayatis

École Normale Supérieure de Cachan – Director of CMLA

Julie Grollier

CNRS – Research director

damien gromier

Damien Gromier

France is AI – Président

Igor Carron

Light on – CEO

Harri Ketamo

HeadAI – Founder & Chairman

Alexandre GRAMFORT

Inria – Researcher in machine learning and signal processing


Centre de Vision Numerique (ECP) – Director


IBM GBS Services France – AI CTO

Olivier GRISEL

Inria – Software Engineer

Alex Lebrun

NABLA – Cofounder & CEO

Ludovic Bodin

FranceAi Hub – Ambassador for International Investments

Matthieu Somekh

France is AI – Vice President

Nicolas Dufourcq

Bpifrance – Executive Director

Anne Bioulac

Roland Berger Paris – Co-Managing Partner

Sebastien Guibert

Capgemini France – VP Head of AI, Big Data & Analytics

Jean-David Chamboredon

France Digitale – CEO of ISAI & Co-President

Laurent Ach

Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris – Manager

Julien Demouth

NVIDIA – Senior Manager of GPU Architecture

Isabel Gomez Garcia deSoria

AirFrance-KLM – IT Director, Operations Research

Julie Grollier

CNRS/Thales – Research Director

Stéphane Pallez

La Française des Jeux – Chief Executing Officer

Paul Strachman

ISAI – Venture Partner
France is AI – Founder

Eneric Lopez

Microsoft  – Dir. Artificial Intelligence and Developers

Laurent Stefani

Accenture – Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence

Héloïse Nonne

SNCF – Head of Data Science & Engineering

Nicolas Vayatis

École Normale Supérieure de Cachan – Director of CMLA

Sébastien Imbert

Microsoft France – CMO

Valérie Perhirin

Capgemini France – Head of AI and Big data

Guillaume Bouchard

Facebook – Research Manager

Alexandre Flamant

Notion – Investor

Gabriel Matuschka

Fly Ventures – Partner

Nozha Boujemaa

DATAIA Institute – Director

Franck Margain

Paris Region Entreprise – President

Liva Ralaivola

Univ Aix Marseilles – Head of mission AI

Amélie Cordier

Hoomano – Chief Scientific Officer

Ludovic Peran

Google – Public Policy and government affairs

Isabelle Ryl

Inria – Deputy CEO

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