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FRANCE IS AI conference, Second edition

Come for 2 days of roundtables, talks, and startup competition with Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Executives and VCs

Oct 5-6 2017, Wework Paris



Come listen to AI experts discuss the big challenges in AI both technology and business - as well as the societal impacts.

Guest speakers will include AI experts from universities as well as companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Uber, IBM Watson...

DAY 1 - October 5th 2017 : Technology and Science
Audience: Developers and Researchers
Objective: Discuss recent scientific discoveries and research papers, introduce new tools or methodologies
Themes: Deep Learning 2.0: Reinforcement learning, GANs / Adversarial learning, Transfer learning…

DAY 2 - October 6th 2017 : Applications and Society
Audience: Executives, VCs, public officials, AI “curious”…
Objective: Discuss AI and its impact on industries and society
Themes: Impact on Industries: Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Retail…, and AI’s impact on Society



Enter the startup competition to be one of the 5 finalists to pitch during the event in front of a jury of VCs and Experts.

5 finalists: Trip to NY to visit the AI Ecosystem trip (meeting w/ VCs, top AI companies, Researchers…), Nvidia GPUs and other prizes

Winner: 6 months acceleration within the Future Labs, the famous incubator for NYU Tandon School of Engineering